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About Us

Nische Solutions is the industry’s leading manufacturer of heat-resistant materials and industrial safety equipment.

With the aim of becoming a global powerhouse, Nische Solutions pulled together world-renowned companies with a geographical presence across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas to become one single formidable entity.

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality controlled manufacturing shop in China produces safe, economical, and dependable fiberglass products, welding blankets, and refractory materials for industries dealing with high heat situations.

Our Approach

Wanting to simplify the supply chain, we pooled in our resources, knowledge, and facilities from our cohesive distribution network, and were able to manufacture our products at scale, bringing in efficiencies in design and processes. In doing so, our shorter supply chain translated into price optimizations, reliable shipping times, and quick turnarounds on orders placed.

What we have done is not new. We have been supplying major players in the heat-intensive industries for over two decades. We just redefined the wheel, tweaking our processes to generate the best results for our clients.

Our Story

We understand that a lot of industries operate in critical environments where a single mistake or product failure can be catastrophic – resulting in worker injuries or emergency shutdowns, and a loss of millions of dollars per day from halted operations.

At Nische Solutions, we believe in a safety-first approach, and center our clients and their needs at the base of all our decision-making. We shadow them at work, understanding the jobs they perform, the products they use, and how they operate them. With a strong grasp of their requirements, we aim to elevate the safety standards for the worker, environment, and operations, by producing quality products that are highly customizable.

Through our proven process of extensive research and development, we have built our brand name into one that is synonymous with the highest levels of safety.