A fiberglass woven material coated with a silicone elastomer that is resistant to Oils, Water, UV and Corrosive Agents. Used as a hot work barrier to protect personnel and equipment from sparks and molten metal splash.


38oz (1300g/m2) Burgundy blanket material.

If your needs indicate only the toughest of materials, the Alpha welding blanket is our top-of-the-range titan. But toughness needn't be unwieldy; the Alpha Welding Blanket is employee friendly. It has been strategically designed for easy mobility, ensuring that your employees can lift it safely.

It has a soft rubber coating that you can comfortably place on fragile surfaces without the worry of it causing any damage.This welding blanket is itch resistant and has a good grip to prevent workplace slip and fall incidents.

The Alpha Welding Blanket is highly resistant to all types of heat, ranging from radiant heat to sparks from molten metal. As tough as they come, chemical resistance, UV resistance, oil and water resistance are all part of the package.

You should remain 0.2 meters away from the source of heat.


18oz (600g/m2) Burgundy curtain material.

Our Beta silicone coated fiberglass welding blanket is extremely lightweight and very flexible. You can use it in almost any working environment. It is itch resistant, and has a good grip to prevent slip and fall workplace accidents.

Like our Alpha Welding Blanket, it has a soft coating that won't damage delicate surfaces. The Beta Welding Blanket is capable of withstanding temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius without losing its flexibility. It is chemical-resistant, and can also withstand UV light, water, oils, and salt.

It is recommended that you maintain a 0.8 meters distance from the heat.


13oz (430g/m2) One side coated Burgundy curtain material.

Light welding spark protection is sometimes all you need. In that case, the Delta Welding Blanket is the answer. It's lightweight and won't cause itching, yet it can handle an extreme temperature limit of 550 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, it shares the chemical, UV, corrosives, oil and water resistance of its heavier-duty cousins. One side of the welding blanket has the soft, protective coating of the Alpha and Beta welding blankets, and is burgundy in colour, and the other side has a white FR rated polyurethane coating.

Delta is intended for use as light welding spark protection.


18oz and 36oz uncoated high temperature woven silica cloth.

With its superior heat resistance capabilities, our high silica fiberglass cloth is almost impenetrable. It can withstand uninterrupted bursts of extreme heat with temperatures as high as 1400 degrees Celsius. The mesh has been sealed with a first-rate, high resistance coating.

It has been strategically designed to be suitable as fire blanket equipment for fire fighters, or for fireproof clothing. In addition, it can be used as a welding curtain or blanket, or as a heat preservation material.

The high silica fibreglass cloth is so durable that it is suitable for use within aerospace engineering industries where rockets and missiles are manufactured.