Fiberglass products are incredibly versatile, and we have the range that will help you to make the most of this useful material. Quality, reliability, competitive pricing and customized solutions are part of our business ethos. Let us give you the advantage.


Confirm your specifications, and we will provide the solutions. Our woven roving fiberglass products are the material of choice for applications such as insulation, protection, construction and repairs. We offer multiple weave configurations and will supply you with the relevant information regarding temperature resistance and weights to help you evaluate your options and make your choices.


Uniformly chopped 50mm strands of fiberglass are bonded in random orientation with a powder or emulsion polyester binder to create non-woven standard 300g or 450g fiberglass mats, but we are also able to produce your chopped strand mat to specification in a range of 100g to 900g per square meter.

Our fiberglass mat has excellent wet out properties and is typically used in hand lay-up applications as a means of reinforcing or machining FRP moldings in the production of everything from boat hulls to composite FRP products for construction, above or below ground chemical resistant piping or consumer goods.


Perfectly woven fiberglass mesh is a boon for the construction and manufacturing industries alike. In filtration applications, alkaline resistant mesh ensures extended efficacy and filter durability, but fiberglass mesh is also an excellent solution for external thermal insulation systems and for the interior reinforcement of marble slabs. Self-adhesive tapes made from our mesh have a variety of uses, but are most commonly used in the installation and repair of drywall. Other uses include grinding wheel mesh and the manufacture of insect screens.